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Analysing the cause and effect of Urban Riots

Analysing the cause and effect of Urban Riots Riots are civil disorders that are characterized by intense violence against people in authority or property. Since it is a herd behavior occurrence, many people take part and this leads to civil unrest. They usually occur as a result of a perceived grievance which people feel has not been adequately dealt with. The are many reasons as to why riots occur including; poor living conditions, oppression by the government, high taxation, ethnic diversity, religion or differing views of a sporting activity. Mostly, riots are accompanied by violence, vandalism and destruction of both private and public property. This can also be directed to a certain specific targets according to grievances on peoples minds (Gilje 2). In the United States of America, many riots took place during the Civil War and which saw many lives lost. As years progressed, new types of riots emerged as well as their cause. In 1960s, a new form of riots called urban Riots came in to being. In 1967 for instance, more than 120 cities in the U.S suffered more than 160 riots. The most notable among urban riots was the Newark riots of 1967 and Stonewall Riots of 1969; each of which had various reasons for its outbreak. In general though, between 1964 and 1971, there were about 752 spontaneous riots especially in black communities occurring in 316 American cities. Many of these conflagrations were however exaggerated by the media with only the major ones as already discussed having severe magnitude in terms of violence, arson and property damage. In exploring the various causes of such urban riots, many social scientists have advanced different theories. Among these reasons are racial grievances and competition for jobs in the inter-ethnic setups of communities. Further, in a search for answers as to why cities could experience racial riots of varying magnitudes, scholars usually focus on broad trends. Mainly they pinpoint the high unemployment rate amongst the blacks which they relate to cities or the whole nation as a whole. But it is evident that they ignore the local factors which too may provide more insight in to the causes of urban riots. This therefore led to a number of analysts confining their research on the event itself and the surrounding circumstances such as police mobilization (Gilje, 10). Based on this concept, it is important to find the effect of police presence and its effect on the magnitude or severity of an urban riot. The urban riots of 1960s were somewhat escalated by the intervention of the federal government. But this should not be misconstrued to imply that local and state place agents did not play any part. Eventually, upon studying a number of riots that occurred, it emerged that police response has a major impact on the nature of a riot. The timing so as to ensure there is not under-response or over-response is vital as police presence will determine the end result. It is also evident from history that many of American urban riots had a connection with racism. In many occurrences, such riots were initiated by the whites and were directed to blacks. This trend however changed in the 1960s when the roles were reversed and blacks found themselves initiating urban riots. The most notable of these include the Rochester race riot of 1964. This riot took place in Rochester, New York on Friday evening of July, 24th when the Rochester Police Department tried to arrest a nineteen year old intoxicated black on a street. The police after having been notified of him responded with a dog and since rumors of police brutality had spread quickly, an angry crowd formed on Joseph Avenue. This was followed by violence that lasted for three days leaving a trail of destruction. Statistics finally recorded 4 dead, 35 injured, 1000 arrested and 204 store houses looted. It later emerged that the local, especially the good kids had initiated the riot which the adults joined in later. This was further fueled by the fact that many African-Americans had low pay and low skill jobs and they used violence to cast their personal grievances (Wasow, web). The Philadelphia race riot of 1964 was in similar manner black-initiated. From August 28th to 30th, the black neighborhood of North Philadelphia erupted as they accused police of brutality. The Philadelphia Police Department had over the years tried to improve it relationship with the black majority, 400,000 in number, by patrolling the city in twos; one black and one white officer. Unfortunately, one black woman, Odessa Bradford, engaged a patrol squad in to an argument after her car had stalled on Columbia Avenue. As the two police officers attempted to force her to remove the car, a crowd formed and came to the rescue of Odessa. Due to crowd herding mentality, rumors started to flow that white police officers had mistreated a pregnant woman and thus violence ensued. The police response took a turn and instead of confronting rioters, they retreated and left the area. Final statistics showed 341 injured, 774 arrested and 225 stores looted or damaged in the course of three days. The urban riots left the North Philadelphia city without many vital businesses as many businessmen never returned. All in all, there were other urban riots which started due to racial segregation circumstances through out the 1960s. Their cause and eventual destruction of both property and live had similar characteristics as the already discussed ones. These included: Watts Riots in 1965, Hough Riots in 1966, Racial Tension in Omaha in 1966, Newark riots in 1967, Chicago Riots in 1968 and the 1969 North 24th Street Riot in Omaha. One thing that made these urban riots among many others to stand out is the large number of participants as well as the effects they finally caused. Statistics however show that despite the escalation of black-initiated urban riots in the 1960s, the number of occurrences decline at the turn of the decade. Government commissions that were formed to seek the cause of the riots indicated that majority of riots in the 1960s and early 1970s were due to racial grievances and deprivation. A commission that presented the Kerner Commission Report indicated that these riots were an aftermath of prior white discrimination of blacks and hence was unavoidable. Between 1970s and 1980s urban riots continued in many American cities albeit marked with less and less casualties like in the sixties. However, this did not remain for long since in 1992, a significant form of riots broke out in Los Angeles. These riots which started on April 29, were as a result of a beating Rodney King, a motorist, received in the hand s of Los Angeles Police Department officers. The prelude can be traced back to March 3, when King and two passengers were driving on Foothill highway. Upon being stopped they refused but chose to speed of under what transpired to be a high speed chase by traffic cops. The presence of five LAPD officers made the case worse since they had beaten King with batons on his arrest. This was in contrary to a video shot in this event which showed that LAPD officers continued to beat King instead of cuffing him as was in law. The also accused him of having been under influence of PCP which later test proved untrue. The video which had been shot by a neighbor as he witnessed the beatings became a focal point in the media after presentation in the court case. The five LAPD officers were charged with assault and use of excessive force. This was not however to be as some influential whites doctored the case as it was about to come for deliberation. They then proceeded to acquit the LAPD officer of assault and use of force but one. This ruling as it was heavily publicized by the media drew mixed reaction even from the president. After the verdicts, riots began in Los Angeles and continued to escalate despite the presence of National Guard, the Army and the Marines. Over the next few days numerous acts of violence and looting were recorded as well as personal engagement among the law enforcers, the blacks and the whites. They included beatings received by Reginald Denny, a white truck driver by blacks an incident recorded live on television. This was followed by Fidel Lopez severe beating and possible killing of him though he was rescued. The second and third day too were marked by widespread riots and massive destruction even after law enforcers numbers were increased. Many important American figures were also drawn in to numerous debates as well as begging for end of hostilities. Order started to flow back from the fourth day but not after massive destruction in the city had occurred. The final statistics recorded 53 dead, 2,000 injured, material loss of approximately $ 1 billion, and over 3,000 arson cases destroying more than one thousand buildings. The factors that led to Los Angeles riots were cited including a fatal shooting of a black teenager by a Korean American. Others included cultural differences, high unemployment among the residents of Central Los Angeles due to recession and poverty. Sociologists on their part cited disparity in economic growth as a cause which led to powerlessness and frustration among urban dwellers. In conclusion, riots have continued to wreck havoc on the society and the general order of things. From the many instances that have been recorded in history it is clear that they have causes and if dealt with properly, urban riots can be avoided. The government must therefore put in measures to ensure there is equal employment opportunity for all people regardless of their racial background. Social institutions which promote unity and shun segregation also need to be encouraged in order to avoid urban riots (Dreier 52).

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Creative Writing Aptitude Essay

Being a writer is someone who uses writing on a regular basis. You have to be a writer before you can be a good writer. It’s about being good or at least good enough. But students don’t see themselves as writers at all because they have been structurally defined as deficient. This means that a student is someone who does not write up to a certain standard of performance with academic discourse. A writer does not simply write at someone else’s command but on their own initiative. So as a writer and a student you need an independent plan into which you fit into a certain given curriculum and writing assignments. That doesn’t mean you should be single-minded, but rhetoric and composition needs be a place where students should realize they need to take control for their educational experience. Rhetoric and composition have become a part of how we do things since we have been young. We are eventually taught in school the types of writing we will need to use in our everyday situations to help us communicate to others for a specific purpose and effectively. This writing informs, persuades, or explains what it is we want the audience to know or come away with. R & C studies use academic essays, papers, memos, or class handouts while creative writing studies primarily create literary works. Students are not there to compare one another as writers, artists, or human beings in general. It is a way for each of us to develop our own writing style and self-expression. It builds up the individual’s ability to express his or her own thoughts and technique more clearly by engaging into writing to get our mind working. Creative writing and compositions studies†¦ seem to operate with a distinct sense of a constituency for its teaching, an audience for its writing, and a function it performs† (Lardner, 770). Creative writing is a way to express what you feel inside your heart or the ideas that are in your head. It gives the writers a means for expressing their views of their surroundings and their world. Individuality exists in creative writing because the work is never the same as someone else’s. It is a personal expression that comes from each individual writer at each individual moment. However, the true test of creativity occurs when the writing can be said to give readers an experience. For that the reason the writing is called Creative because it creates an experience in the minds of its readers. Examples of some these writing forms are: poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. Each form has its own concepts involved with R & C because creative writing uses your self-expression as a big part of development than formality. Let’s start off with poetry. Poetry is possibly the most comprehensive way we have of expressing ourselves. Poetry works at a deep level of emotion. â€Å"To feel emotion is at least to feel. The crime against life, the worst of all crimes, is not to feel† (MacLeish, 66). Poetry opens up your emotions and helps you express anything through the use of metaphors, images, and feelings. â€Å"Often the poet operates by suggestion and implication† as well (Adams, 11). Poetry starts in odd phrases, an image, a tune in the head, a deeply incoherent pain. The originating emotion still congests the lines or, in striving for uniqueness, the work becomes untidy, exaggerated or confused. So each property (meaning, association, weight, color, duration, shape, texture, etc. ) changes as words are combined into phrases, rhythms, lines, stanzas and eventually completed poems. Out of those properties the poetry is built, even if the end cannot be entirely foreseen. In responding to what has been written; feeling it, understanding it, and extending its potential with imagination, honesty and sensitivity that very fine lines, vocal use, ample sympathies, kindness of heart and a consideration for the human condition become essential. But poetry is nothing without extended labor. In contrast to the development of a delicate tension between speaker and subject, between various parts of a poem and between the feelings warring within the speaker,† there also can be a â€Å"considerable looseness and vagueness† (Adams, 15). You can either have a clear understanding of what you think the poetry is portraying or you can be at a complete loss. Poetry trains the personality needed to be an artist, an unlimited capacity to be honest and take pains. It calls for self-criticism, which becomes essential as a writer’s talents develop. Criticism also â€Å"hones† skills that involve the poet’s needs by close reading, clarification and evaluation. It also requires the analysis and growth out of the very development between audience response and the poet. â€Å"The poet writes to [an audience] representing artistic perfection rather than to a reader chosen at random† (Adams, 143). Poetry may be complex, requiring a good deal of sorting out, but there has to be an immediate impact of some sort that allows the reviewer to be in awe. Poets need to know what’s been done before, and how comparisons may be objectively undertaken. The next form I will discuss is fiction. Fiction is most definitely my favorite. The first thing you need to know is the age group you are writing for. You can write for children, teenagers, young adults, adults, etc. This is perhaps a really important step before writing because you need to know what your audience wants and expects. After you have selected your age group then take the time to see what is out there in the age range that you want to write for. If the current rage is spaceships and outer space themes then writing about cowboys just won’t cut it unless the cowboy is somehow swept into outer space. You also need to research what you will be writing about because some of the time you won’t know much about the topic you’ve chosen. â€Å"Research gives you a chance to investigate all those subjects you’ve always wanted to know about and it gives the breath of life and authenticity to your work† (Kubis, 150). Once you’ve done some research, now it is time to get started. Remember all fiction has a beginning, middle and an end. You need to start your story at the point that something happens to change it all by giving your characters a problem. It must be a worthwhile dilemma. For example, a girl who wants to move out of her parents house and is trying to find an apartment that she really wants when her parents refuse to help her because she can do it on her own is not an interesting problem. On the other hand, a lady who has three days to move out of her parent’s house is a more intriguing problem. Give your audience a reason to support your main character. â€Å"You want to achieve a character that is so real, so human, it seems inevitable that [she] does the thing you’ve determined [she] must do† (Kubis, 49). Your story should progress toward the middle, the climax of your story. â€Å"The hero had to solve the dilemma [herself], without having outside forces do it for [her]† (Kubis, 3). It should climax into a problem that is worth caring about, and â€Å"it should influence the outcome of the story†¦ [but it] does not necessarily resolve the story [only] provides information that leads to the resolution† (kubis, 113). From there you need to let the readers know how it was adequately resolved with a positive result or a defeat. Then there is view point is which the story being told. Who is telling the story or through whose eyes is the story being related? Is it a narrator, the main character, a secondary character? Once you start with a viewpoint stick with it. Do not switch from character to character. Also stay away from over used phrases. Over done phrases are a definite no. Describing something ‘as black as night’ is too boring. Look for a different way of saying the same thing. You could say ‘black ink dark’ or ‘all encompassing black’. Make a list of all the overdone phrases you can think of and then practice saying them a different way. Nothing is ever said in your story that doesn’t lead you somewhere. Know how to correspond properly. It will make all the difference to a readers understanding of what you are trying to say. Never throw in information that does not lead your story forward. Try to find a fresh way of telling a story by saying it again but differently. If everyone is writing about pirates it can get pretty boring after awhile if you use a similar plot line like everyone else. Find a fresh way of telling the same story, maybe from a captive’s point of view or how someone became an unwilling pirate. Use the phrase what if. Ask what if such and such happens what would be the result and if this happened what would be the outcome. This is the time to use your imagination. Get creative and see where it leads you. The last form I will talk about is creative nonfiction. Not a lot of people know what it is and it can take on different styles: a narrative, personal essays, memoir, travel writing, food writing, biography, literary journalism, short stories, etc. It’s where you research a topic just as a journalist does but the writer must write in scenes. They don’t think of facts as the basic building blocks of their stories; they think scenes instead. A scene in creative nonfiction occurs in a specific place (where); usually the narrator and one or more others are there (who); at a particular time (when); something happens (what); people converse (dialog or captured conversation); and sometimes someone thinks about something. We like to see scenes in front of us since life does seem to occur as a series of scenes. To get a story from a particular subject you may have to be pokey by uncovering innermost thoughts and feelings of those interviewed. There’s highly involved research effort required that the writer should be willing and financially able to stick with a story for weeks, months, or even years. The creative nonfiction writer can’t work out of his or her memory and imagination alone, he or she must conduct research out in the real world, the raucous world, the dirty world. You should go around collecting facts from dusty records at City Hall, interviewing experts, and talking with the people involved. Also talk with the people immediately involved in the tory to flush out, and add fresh ideas, ideas you might never have come up with on your own, provide different angles, views, perspectives, and insights on the person or the topic under study. This requirement to work away from the studio or the study turns some writers away from this form of writing. Others love that side of the profession, it’s what draws them in. An important consideration before you begin to write in scenes is choosing the structure of your writing in the first place. â€Å"Structure is the arrangement of parts and all the techniques you use to hold the parts together and make it do what it is intended to do† (Gerard, 156). Most creative nonfiction writers may have a structure well in mind before writing at all because the material is promoted in the subconscious. Having the security of structure, or even just some structure, enables the writer to relax and play with any number of creative possibilities to perk up each scene. Since creative nonfiction is typically written scene by scene and is usually joined or separated by passages from a running account of what is happening at the moment, you need to study and perfect the structure. Some of these potential scenes will be embedded in the narrative synopsis, but it’s important to first identify the scenes that make up a story. The writer needs to select only those events that seem to have the greatest potential and then organize them into what seems will be the best sequence, which is not always chronological. â€Å"The hardest part of writing creative nonfiction is that you’re stuck with what really happened – you can’t make it up† (Gerard, 5). The goal is to communicate information, just as a reporter does, but in the way you construct a story. The relationship between the one who tells the story and the story itself may help determine if the story should be told in the first or third person point of view. Some say the third person point of view is the most difficult but the most rewarding since the author has to stay more out the way. In writing in first person narrative you need to learn how to get out of the way by being subjective but maintain objectivity. Just remember that you are the first person or narrator. It’s a balancing act but it has to do with finding a voice. Once the voice is found, the writer can posture, say things not meant, imply things not said, and have fun. Once you find the right voice for a piece of writing, it allows warmth, concern, compassion, flattery, and shared imperfections. You can also show something about a person by letting the reader hear him or her speak when people appear, particularly when they begin to converse, to help the story come to life. We have to learn to watch people unusually close, especially for anything unusual or distinct. Include in your report poses, posturing, habitual gestures, mannerisms, appearances, and glances. Writers frequently describe a group’s entertainment as a way to understand the group frequently looks at the way people dress. Writing about the typical daily life of a person helps illuminate a book and brings in the focus. The creative nonfiction writer can and should occasionally vividly describe the day-to-day life of one person. You should capture conversations and also show the reader how things look to your character in the world, leaving the reader to interpret what it all means. Although usually done sparingly, you might introduce your thoughts on the situation or the people. This emotional content enables you to create dramatic, vivid, accurate scenes. Creative nonfiction is the ability to capture the personal and the private by making it mean something significant to a larger audience. It also provides intellectual substance that will affect readers perhaps even provoke them to action or to change. The relationships of Creative Writing and R & C to one another deserve attention in a number of ways. When we put words onto a paper, it’s our own individual way of expressing what we want to say. As I stated earlier, poetry is possibly the most comprehensive way we have of expressing ourselves. Poetry works at a deep level of emotion. The fact that poetry and prose have coincided in a long line in rhetorical study is, of course, a rewarding area of study. In fact, there’s much to be learned about audience and rhetorical situation by positioning oneself as the writer of poems. Even though rhetoricians might cringe at the idea of having students write styles of poetry, this area of study would be of great benefit to those examining the practice of rhetoric. It might also help rhetoric’s become better communicators to examine their own language to become more fluid, more colorful, and more imaginative. Also it would benefit all audiences to think of writing as a beautiful relationship of language and author. That’s if only because the process has such potential to benefit from the voices and views of others on their own journeys and might allow a fuller recognition of ways composition studies and creative writing coincide.

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Key Pieces of Topics for Solution Essay

Key Pieces of Topics for Solution Essay You should begin by writing the introduction, where the very first element is a General statement about the matter of discussion. Actually, make it a point to do a little bit of background reading on the subject. Its primary attempt is to persuade a reader to adopt a particular point of view or maybe to take a specific action on the matter. Do quality research about this issue. As with other essays, people frequently discover that it's tough to choose a topic particularly when the instructor asks students to produce their own topics. Using paid services that provide essay writing help has been an increasing trend in recent decades. Sex education is extremely sensitive topic. Sexist advertising ought to be banned 11. Choosing Topics for Solution Essay Is Simple Taking notes helps a good deal. Your personal viewpoints ought to be supported by strong arguments. If you don't wish to carry such things to the website, you can capture images and record audio or video from your cell phone. As an example, pornography sites may be accessible to them since they can register with a website and claim to be an adult. The Number One Question You Must Ask for Topics for Solution Essay The previous step would be to choose the companies from the brief list ones that are offering a superb price and package of your company that's affordable also. As a consequence, private sector solutions have become attractive (and deceptive!) Your research that helped you comprehend the issue and produce a solution required that you fully grasp the justification for the solution. Therefore, students need to work very difficult so as to produce a practical solution for virtually any issue. Topics for Solution Essay at a Glance So long as you are prepared to take steps in order to produce things better they eventually will, and as the pain and suffering that you could be feeling now is unbearable, in time they'll pass also. The impact of obesity in children is critical. The instant you let go, things start to take place. There are lots of problems, even on your own campus, that should be resolved. The Hidden Treasure of Topics for Solution Essay If you're ill you are able to become well. Students should do the job very hard so as to devise the practical decision for virtually any problem. They lead busy lives and often forget about an upcoming deadli ne. Ideas, Formulas and Shortcuts for Topics for Solution Essay For such things, you can choose the support of Tantric and acquire the necessary guidance. Companies must also enhance their onsite IT security systems to earn fraud and hacking much more challenging by undertaking thorough reviews of their existing systems for weaknesses. Our customer support will gladly tell you whether there are any special offers at the present time, and make sure you are getting the very best service our company may deliver. No matter your degree of work practical understanding, your resume format is important to making your program stick out. The Topics for Solution Essay Trap Essay writing supplies a lot of challenges for the writer. Although no program may be able to truly tell if an essay was purchased online, bear in mind that the language of the essay may give your teacher a hint about whether it's been written by you. Essays that are assigned to check your skills shouldn't resemble an essay that has been offered free on the internet or by some writing services provider's buy essay type. Inaccurate grammar and punctuations destroy the trustworthiness of the essay even if it's brilliantly conceptualized. To start with, search for the essay writing companies and earn a list of them, then stick to the given below tips so you can learn the very best essay writing company in almost no time. As stated earlier, there are 9 kinds of essays. Wright my paper format and promotion problems in the amazing problem and thought-provoking because it is going to incorporate sample essays on jediland. Make certain you're picking a genuine essay writing service instead of just some bogus content mill. Lately, a great deal of working professionals are migrating to developed countries for the interest of jobs. To connect with people, you might have to to experience, and be with the individuals of a particular group. Therefore, in the very first body paragraph, you might comprise issues like loss of talent from the native nation, no suitable development in the home country as the individuals intend to migrate. Women and girls face unimaginable challenges in practically every area of the world. T opics for Solution Essay Help! Rather, it's a symptom of something a whole lot more foreboding. In fact, lots of smartphone users are in denial about the degree of distraction due to our devices. Your choice for the remedy is directly regarding the specificity of your audience. It can be exceedingly hard to write about something which is unfamiliar. The One Thing to Do for Topics for Solution Essay Divorce can bring each one of the situations you've worked so difficult to achieve come crashing down. She is probably one of the hardest and most difficult situations anyone has to go through. Divorce and its effects on men is among the most difficult and painful scenarios that you will have to deal with, but it isn't impossible to overcome. The argument concerning child nutritional issues, particularly being overweight, can be managed. It is useful in getting your property and also in resolving issues having to do with the property. You could also check into possible remedies.

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Barbies Negative Impact on Young Girls - 601 Words

Every girl dreams to have flawless hair, perfect looks, and a slim body with a huge house, perfect car, and an amazing boyfriend, family, and friends. Many young girls get this visualization from the one and only Barbie. Barbie is known to be the â€Å"perfect doll† with a perfect lifestyle and look, but in reality she is ruining the self esteem and lives of imperfect children. On average, a girl in the early stages of childhood owns about seven to ten different Barbie dolls and spends multiple hours playing with them. This doll has not been a good role model for children because â€Å"the more time anyone spends time with anything, the more influence it has on them† (SarenDipty). Barbie has a negative impact on young girls live’s by causing eating disorders, having multiple careers, and having a flawless appearance and a perfect life. Barbie’s first career was a super skinny teenage fashion model, therefore many young girls forced themselves to stop eati ng to make their appearance more like the doll’s. In the United States, about 85-90% of the people that have eating disorders are female, and most of them are under the age of 20. More than half admitted that Barbie was a major factor in developing their disorder. When the â€Å"Slumber Party Barbie† came out, it came with a bathroom scale permanently set at 110 pounds and came with a book entitled How to Lose Weight which gave the advice â€Å"Don’t Eat†. This made any child feel â€Å"that the only way to be happy and have a wonderful life ifShow MoreRelatedThe Controversy Over The Unrealistic Body Image1351 Words   |  6 Pagesunrealistic body image portrayed by the culturally iconic Barbie doll has been a topic of interest in sociology for many years. The research on this subject aims to determine the role that Barbie plays, if any, in the prevalence of negative body image and self esteem issues in young girls. The Barbie doll, introduced by Mattel , Inc. in 1959, can easily be considered the most popular doll in the world with 99% of 3 to 10 year olds owning at least one Barbie doll, and an average of eight Barbie dolls each justRead MoreBarbie Doll s Influence On American Consumer Culture1722 Words   |  7 Pagescommon examples. It may seem incredulous one doll can engender so much turmoil in a child’s life, but several developmental psychologists have demonstrated that the unrealistic body expectations espoused by Barbie have permanent implications for young girls’ developmental trajectories. Barbie was first introduced to U.S. toy markets in 1959 by Ruth Handler, a mother who noticed that her daughter would tend to reimagine her infant dolls as having adult characteristics (Abramson 2009). Handler, realizingRead MoreEssay On Mickey Mouse Monopoly711 Words   |  3 Pagesinfluence culture as they are consumed by mass audiences around the world. Henry Giroux wrote the book,â€Å"The Mouse that Roared- Disney and the End of Innocence† which was one of the first to bring attention to the Disney movies and their potential negative impact on children. In the video attention is brought to the fact that Disney is a â€Å"transnational media conglomerate, owning TV and radio networks, cable systems, internet sites, music studios, media production companies, magazines, sports teams, theatersRead MoreThe Necessity For An Alternative Toy For Girls2302 Words   |  10 PagesNecessity for an Alternative Toy for Girls What is the first toy someone thinks to give a little girl? A doll or perhaps the most popular doll the Barbie. Many people’s first instinct to give a little girl for a toy is a Barbie doll. But, why does many believe that a Barbie doll is the most appropriate toy for young girls? Throughout history parents and others are influenced by the media that Barbie dolls make the best gift for girls. Despite the fact that many girls play with dolls in their childhoodRead MoreBarbie Doll Essay1875 Words   |  8 PagesAnna Middleton Professor Stowe IAH 201 November 12, 2017 The National Impact of Barbie Dolls on Young Girls Beauty standards differ around the world. In the Maasai tribes of Africa, having piercings and colorful intricate jewelry is considered beautiful. In China, women try and avoid sunlight in hopes of having the lightest, fairest skin. In Mexico, it is considered beautiful to have long black wavy hair. However, the standard of beauty that seems to be consistent around the world is having a thinRead MoreIts a Barbie World1114 Words   |  5 PagesAbstract Barbie dolls have been around for many years and many young girls have gotten a Barbie as a gift at some time in their lives. Barbie is made out of plastic and has unrealistic features to her. Her body proportions are not possible and her look only relates to less than half of the human population. Barbie has the perfect, dream world where she has her dream car, house, an impeccable wardrobe, and of course the man of her dreams. Many girls grow up and admire Barbie for her looks and all the materialisticRead MoreCultural Objects : A Cultural Object Essay1484 Words   |  6 Pagesword Barbie in a sentence, and here in the United States individuals would associate it with the upbeat, fun, blonde doll that millions of little girls currently own and play with. If you were to say it in China, Thailand, Indonesia, or other Far Eastern countries where Barbie dolls are manufactured and produced, they might have a different, more negative response. As mentioned, these are the countries Matte l’s factories are placed, and if the working conditions of these factories were displayed inRead More The Classic Barbie Doll is Propaganda Essay2413 Words   |  10 PagesLooking at the surface of the classic Barbie doll, you see a plastic, pretty depiction of a young woman with tanned skin, blonde hair and blue eyes. Typically, looking at a Barbie you wouldn’t see any type of threat or negativity surrounding the harmless 10-inch doll. However, digging deeper beneath her plastic exterior, we can see the true effects this world-wide phenomenon has had on all different types of people and society as a whole. Before we begin to discuss the effects Barbie herself hasRead MoreThe Media s Influence On Female Adolescents1724 Words   |  7 PagesConsidering this, recently there have been more studies and research on what has formed this ideal body.Also, the research conducted uncovered that the famous doll Barbie is one of the main reasons for the desire to have an unreali stic body. The negative body image in female adolescents has been affected by the influence of impossible body types in the media such as the doll â€Å"Barbie† and characters in popular children’s shows. There have been numerous amount of studies and statistics to find theRead MoreBarbie s Influence On Women s Equal Rights And Opportunities1760 Words   |  8 Pagesopinion of the fashion icon, Barbie, has contributed an impeccable standard for young girls--from the unhealthy body images for girls to the low self-assurance Barbie has brought upon them. To counteract the previous statement, with the help of Barbie’s many job titles, women s equal rights and opportunities have flourished. The creator of Barbie, Ruth Handler, created her so that, â€Å"through the doll, the little girl could be anything she wanted to be. Barbie always represented the fact that a woman

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Frankenstein As A Bildungsroman And The Way That People

Greg Repa Dr. Arpaia History 307 12 September 2015 Frankenstein Within the first few years of life, babies gain a sense of self awareness. They start to realize that they are different from the objects and people around them physically. There are many ways that people can feel a sense of self identity or association within a group. People could identify themselves as something small, like the town they are from or the school they attend. Or they could identify as a bigger group of people like their religious beliefs and nationality. This paper will look at â€Å"Frankenstein as a Bildungsroman† and the way that people in Europe during the nineteenth century could gain knowledge and a view of self-awareness and how people gain knowledge today. One thing that is fascinating is that the nameless monster in the book is actually the Frankenstein that people tend to think of, with the big square green head, whereas, his creator’s last name is actually Frankenstein. This is important because as the book progresses, the reader gets a sense that maybe the monster and his creator, are not so different after all. Although Victor (the creator) was born with a family and has friends, he distances himself from them when he finds his love for science. They also both try to help humanity at first but then they both feel depressed and remorse from the recent past. They also both use the weather and nature to indicate their mood and feelings. When it is nice outside he is hopeful andShow MoreRelatedBildungsroman, Literary Genre870 Words   |  4 Pagesend of the novel. Bildungsroman, a literary genre, comprises of this, where it is the term describing the process of the character’s psychological and moral growth in the story. Change in character is the most important characteristic of this genre. For the book in which this is being explored is Frankenstein. The story describes the lessons learnt by Victor and the Creature, how their experiences results in their actions in the book, and how all of these finally produced the people that they were atRead MoreThe Visual Monster And The Growing Creature Essay1909 Words   |  8 PagesThe Visual Monster and The Growing Creature â€Å"Who was I? What was I? Whence did I come? What was my destination?† (Shelley 71). In â€Å"Frankenstein† otherwise known as the â€Å"The Modern Prometheus,† the author Mary Shelley unfolds a gothic tale that at the surface is a cautionary horror on the sin of creating a visual monster but upon close inspection unfolds a framed buildingroman that encapsulates how society can shape one self through the eyes of a growing creature (1). At a fundamental part of creatures

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Aspergers Free Essays

Espalier’s Syndrome is a type of pervasive developmental disorder (PAD). These types of disorders (PAD) have delays Is the development of basic skills such as, the ability to socialize, to communicate, and to use Imagination. Children with Espalier’s typically have normal intelligence and language development, but these could change as they get older. We will write a custom essay sample on Aspergers or any similar topic only for you Order Now This disorder was declared official In 1944 by an Austrian doctor, Hans Aspirer. How Is Espalier’s different from Autism? Children with AS don’t have a delay in cognitive development or developing language skills. Children with Autism tend to have difficulty with symbolic thinking and pretend play. Another difference is the severity in symptoms, someone with AS can just be mistaken for a normal person behaving differently. Autistic kids will seem uninterested and stand-offish, where AS you want to fit in and interact with others (NAME). Symptoms of Espalier’s can range from mild to severe, common symptoms are, problems with social skills, eccentric or repetitive behavior, unusual precautions or rituals, limited range of interest, coordination problems, lastly, skilled and talented (WebMD). I wouldn’t necessarily say that the symptoms of AS are normal types of symptoms you would see In other disorders, but beneficial. Normal to above average Intelligence Is normal for AS but they usually have troubles with social Interactions. Anxiety, frustration, and depression are 3 common contributed behaviors. The cause for Aspirer†s remains unknown, but it has been seen to run in families so it could possibly be inherited. This disorder is classified under unique, the exact number of people with this disorder is unknown but they estimate 1 in every 250 children (WebMD). Studies say it is four times for likely to appear in males than females and is usually diagnosed in children between the ages of 2 and 6 years old (WebMD). Diagnosing Espalier’s Is not the easiest, there Is no specific test that can tell you If you have Espalier’s Syndrome, you have to go through a series of test such as, x-rays and blood work. Doctors will also complete a physical examination because It has been see that patients with Espalier’s have low muscle tone and dysphasia. If there is no physical disorder found you may be sent to see a specialist in childhood development disorders. There is no cure for Espalier’s but there is treatment to elf improve. The treatments include special education, behavioral modifications, speech, physical and occupational therapy, and last, social skills therapy (WebMD). With effective treatment, children with Espalier’s can learn to overcome or control their disability and repetitive tendencies. Adults with this disorder work successfully but sometimes still struggle with maintaining an independent life. All treatments work differently for everyone, some not at all. In an article on treatments for AS from Psych Central It stated that â€Å"According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, the Ideal treatment for Espalier’s coordinates therapies that address the three core symptoms of the disorder: poor communication skills, obsessive or repetitive routines, and physical clumsiness. † Parenting a child with Espalier’s is not easy, it has its difficulties. If you have a child who has been yourself you will be able to help your child grow to their fullest. A daily schedule has shown to help a lot. In the schedule include specific times for therapies, school, meals, and bedtime. If you have to make a change to the schedule, alert your child forehand so they can adjust. Having a â€Å"safe place† in your home will benefit your child because they will have a place to relax and feel secure. Children with Espalier’s tend to get irritated somewhat quickly, causing them to lash out, if your child does so, sending them to their safe place can help them collect, and calm down. A main concern with parents who have a child with AS is their social life at school, â€Å"will my child have friends? † is a common question most parents ask. Most kids still live a normal social life throughout school. They make new friends; it’s Just harder on some Han others. Identifying children with the same interest as yours can make it a lot easier on the child. Encouraging your child to develop their strengths and interest and to Join clubs or participate in any after school activities is a great way for their social skills to become stronger, especially as they grow older and move into middle/ high school. Many people don’t know when a child has AS because it is so hard to see, it’s not like other syndromes or disorders that develop physical traits. When you are the sibling of an AS patient it can also be stressful for you. Some siblings can come Jealous or embarrassed of their brother/sister because the parent(s) focus more of their time and attention on them. Some siblings may need to learn how to look out for themselves because some AS patients have a hard time controlling their frustration or anger. Sticking up for a brother/sister whom suffers from AS is the best thing a sibling could do, it shows that even though you may not always get along, you love them and care for them. This can make them feel accepted or normal because it’s something that a â€Å"normal† sibling would do for another. I have a younger sister who has AS and it can be hard. She is 8 years younger than I so we tend to bicker. When she is put in a situation where she has to be independent, say ask a stranger for directions, she becomes very nervous and her anxiety shoots through the roof. If she is upset and you continuously ask her what is wrong, she will lash out and become violent. Sometimes she won’t remember what she said or did. When she has these tantrums we usually let her calm down and relax until we confront her about them. Sports and horses have been a huge help with her anxiety and AS. By interacting with other kids her age she has learned to be less socially awkward. Medications does play a role in her daily life, she takes medicine once a day at night before bed. The medication is supposed to help with her anxiety and aggressive tendencies. Not only do children struggle with AS but so do adults. An adult with AS may have difficulties understanding other people emotions, they can misinterpret others facial expressions and body language for something else. This can cause someone with AS to come off as selfish, egotistical, or uncaring (Better Health). When a person with AS is notified about their actions they may come off as shocked and set because neurologically they are unable to understand other people’s emotions. Overall adults have a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses; they are able to learn social skills People think that Just because you have a disability, it means you can’t have a romantic relationship with someone. Adult with AS still have romantic relationships, according to the Better Health Channel â€Å"Studies suggest that many struggle with the myriad of complex skills required to successfully negotiate intimate relationships†. Sometimes they can come off as inappropriate or immature cause they are unaware of what is right and wrong to say or do. When in a relationship, a partner can become frustrated because of unfair distribution of responsibilities. When the partner expresses their feelings of frustration to the AS partner, they come off baffled because they don’t realize what they are doing. Having a career and being an AS patient is very normal, you could be working with someone with AS and not even know it. People with AS can excel in a lot of different areas, such as mathematics, music, or being visually creative. Some careers for AS patients that re visual thinkers are computer programming, drafting, photography, or equipment design (Better Health). If you are a music or math fanatic some career choices may be accounting, telemarketer, pianist, or a Journalist. Working with an AS person is not hard, communicating clearly is a good way for your AS employee to work to their fullest ability. Only expect one project at a time, putting too much stress on them can cause anxiety or them to lash out. Being specific with what you want from them is another way for them to be the best employee. When they know what is expected room them they will give it, Just like any other employee, you Just have to be clear, straight forward, and specific. AS employees are seen to be the most hardworking and dedicated employees a business could have. In conclusion to my research paper, I think that Espalier’s Syndrome is a rare diagnosis that carries beauty. These people are so bright and intelligent that you’d never even know they had AS. They live normal lives and have good Jobs Just like a number of normal people. They may have some social setbacks here and there but with time and the right treatments they can overcome anything. I think that everyone should be given an equal chance no matter what they’re disability may be. My sister being 12 and a AS patient, she is heading into middle school, a stressful time for someone with AS. Between her therapies and medications she has learned to control her symptoms and by participating in after school activates, even though they might stress her out, she has gained so many friends, more friends than I ever did in middle school. I hope this paper helped you learn about Espalier’s Syndrome and can help you understand more of what it really is. How to cite Aspergers, Papers

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Black Panthers Essay Research Paper I free essay sample

Black Panthers Essay, Research Paper : I # 8217 ; m non truly talking in first or 2nd manus but # 8230 ; Many brothers and sisters tend to move like we deserve a interruption in society. The chief ground because # 8220 ; our people # 8221 ; were enslaved and brought over here to the U.S. Now honestly, in my coevals I did non travel through what my ascendants and my older coevalss of household went through. I am merely 19 old ages old. But speaking to all of my household, my female parent and male parent experienced the utmost racism. But my older siblings and I were able to bring forth from the consequence of the Civil Rights motion. It is good to look back on the past and learn from our errors, but in the same case I neer had to endure for it. All I can give to those that did endure is the power to obtain cognition and utilize it to accomplish in my mundane life and in college where I now reside. We will write a custom essay sample on Black Panthers Essay Research Paper I or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Those people that suffered, gave us, the offspring a opportunity to truly obtain the # 8221 ; American Dream # 8221 ; . I know that there are still some racism and there is still a system that that won # 8217 ; t let you to derive anything. But how can black people scream for power when we abuse it merely like any other ethnifc group. Black people will be given to lodge their pes out to trip you quicker than a white adult male. Yes, we need black power, but foremost we need UNITY. We already have white supremacist seeking to eliminate us. And now we are seeking to kill ourselves. They don # 8217 ; t even have to seek to acquire us. We screw up our ain opportunities. Black Power used to be about pride and loving who you truly are underneath the colour of tegument. My female parent will flat out state she is racist. Why? Because she has a right to be angry, but she has seen how all people are towards one another. Maine I was taught that no affair what colour you are there is ever person out at that place seeking to acquire you. But you have to see and be watchful. Choose friends sagely and carefully. B ut most of all don’t halt life. Honestly if we had the power flipped we wouldn’t be any better. There is a film called † White Man’s Burden† . Watch this film because it reallyopens your eyes about things. Just how white people treat us today is the same manner black people treat them in the film. It will do you happy at first or sad nevertheless you view it, but in the terminal you feel no better than they are. Black Power, cool. But kick some integrity foremost. I am a assorted adult female. I have a black male parent and a white female parent. I have friends of all races, I even have gay friends. Peoples are people. A black individual is the same as a white individual. In this twenty-four hours and age everyone has the same jobs. There are hapless and hungering white peolpe merely as there are black. I have a fellow of 7 old ages who is a black adult male. I have seen racism. But he is mature plenty to cognize that if some white individual has a job with his tegument colour than they are merely nescient and non worth the clip and concern. My friend merely got all in up at the Greek field day in philly by a clump of white constabulary officers. Hes non screamin racism. Hes screamin unfairness. The same thing happens to white work forces. I don # 8217 ; t see no ground for black power. I # 8221 ; m assorted, am I supposed to deny my female parent! ? ? Racism is ill, coming from white people and black people. My really ain sister was chased and about crush up by a clump of black cats merely because shes white, or so they thaught because she is really light skinned. ( I was blessed with the dark tegument ) . So you see, racism goes both ways. The lone thing a individual can make is seek at that place best. If they don # 8217 ; t suceed in life its their ain mistake. A hapless individual, black or white, can hold a nice hereafter if they try difficult plenty and their household supports them, skin colour ain # 8217 ; t got a damn thing to make with it. It # 8217 ; s merely an alibi that people use when they don # 8217 ; t have the will to suceed.