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Feasibility Study Report Business Essay

Practicality Study Report Business Essay Suspicion As presentation of the task said. The school for the situation ought to be in a little town, and both of the understudies, are in the age 5 to 11 years gathering. So it ought to be conceived it is a little PC room. By got government subsidizing, there ought to have a system of 8 PCs inside Internet association. Expected there are not blended class in the PC room. There ought to be six gatherings completely. So the complete client of the PC room is around forty two people. Introduce two intuitive whiteboards for study hall use and an organized laser printer is sufficient . I recommended the school ought to be introduce Windows XP as the working framework, ensure it is simpler to upkeep and have significantly more higher similarity in the product advertise. They likewise ought to have an off the rack database for school organization. For instance, instructor can keep the understudy participation records at classes and save the imprints for tests, tests and assignments and so forth. Access in Microsoft office 2003 is appropriate for the case. Since it have a better, lower cost with fixed form. Two intuitive whiteboards are additionally let the school personnel to show the showing materials which they discover from the Internet . As I would like to think, follow the entire undertaking arranging. The establishment and working ought to be finished inside a half year effectively . TASK1 Practicality study report Presentation This school has gotten government subsidizing to purchase a system of 8 personal computers with Internet association, two intelligent whiteboards for study hall use, an organized laser printer and an off the rack database for school explicitly. We should finish the hold venture inside a half year . School foundation This school is a situate in a little town with understudies in the age run 5 to 11 years . There is no in-house skill to call upon. The senior administration of the school is intensely dependent on this arrangement. We should finish this manual for let the school staff through the task and demonstrate what should be done to make it a triumph . The schools vision is to give quick, dependable specialized help to understudies and showing staff on both examination and instructing . Our main goal is to : Encouraging staff can track understudy participation at classes and checks for tests, tests and assignments . Training staff can likewise get to the Internet for instructing materials that can be utilized on the intuitive whiteboards . Conceived understudies will get to the Internet for research purposes, and for learning materials . Understudies can likewise get ready composed assignments and print them out from organized printer . Alternative proposal Equipment The suggested current model of thing in the market. Appeared in table 1.1. Why we pick these model of PC is on the grounds that the Stability, improved security, proficiency, these PCs mean business : HPs generally steady and secure business PCs with amazing innovation and expert advancements, for example, vitality productive highlights and driving remote sensibility arrangements. Most extreme adaptability. Worldwide designs, a scope of ports, spaces and inlets and a wide assortment of HP pre-qualified alternatives and adornments permit you to expand your speculation . Vitality Efficiency highlights. The HP 8000 Elite model has improved vitality effectiveness over past ages by 30% when the PCs are at an inert. Take productivity considerably further with low force processors and vitality effective force supplies. Improved sensibility. Intended to be anything but difficult to convey and deal with, the HP Compaq 8000 Elite helps lower support costs and secures your benefits with a full scope of remote administration advancements from HP, Altiris and Intel. Increasingly secure, HP Protect Tools security programming causes you all the more securely secure your equipment, programming, firmware and OS, giving foundation assurance that permits you to concentrate on your business, not your places of powerlessness. Worldwide help and backing. Take advantage of your venture with HP s world class worldwide administrations and bolster portfolio, including HP Total Care and an overall system of accomplices to assist you with capitalizing on your innovation specu lation. Benefit from your venture with HP s world class worldwide administrations and bolster portfolio, including HP Total Care and an overall system of accomplices to assist you with capitalizing on your innovation speculation. Guarantee, ensured by HP Services, including a 3 - 3 - 3 standard guarantee conveying 3 years of parts and multi year of both work and on location fix. Reaction time is next business-day and incorporates free phone bolster 9. 00 am to 5. 00 pm. Terms and conditions fluctuate by nation. Certain limitations and rejections apply . Programming I recommended that the school ought to be introduce Windows XP with administration pack 3 as the working framework, ensure it is simpler to support and have a lot higher similarity in the product showcase. The off the rack database for school organization. The workplace 2007 as known as bugs in the program and office 2010 is still in the beta variant. So I prescribed to introduce Access in Microsoft office 2 003 is reasonable for this case. Since it have a better, lower cost with fixed form . Specialized As I am the task supervisor. So do I will follow the specialized issue and give arrangements. Likewise, during the undertaking, preparation of how to utilize those offices will be given. With the goal that both school personnel and understudy can utilize it easily, diminish the upkeep times and keep those offices have a more drawn out working hours . Operational As the PC is develop to allow the educating to staff and understudy to utilize. The primary goal ought to be exercise first. Second, the after educational time will be open for the understudy. To do additionally looking for there activities or examining materials . Monetary On the off chance that the preparation is given to both school personnel and understudy. The working existence of the offices will turn out to be longer. So those thing will be increasingly worth of it. Upkeep is additionally need to join after the guarantee date is expiry. At that point they were no compelling reason to purchase or redesign the PCs in the blink of an eye . Money saving advantage Table .1 Agreement Item depiction Cost Notes q HP COMPAQ 8000ELite Small Form Factor ** ( exclude Mouse, DVD drive and Floppy Disk Drive )** CPU : Intel Core2QUAD Q9550 VPRO( 2.83GHz, 12M L2, Intel Q45 Chipset ) - Hard Dis k:160GB SATA VGA Display : Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500 - RAM : 2GB ( PC3 DDR3-10600MHz ) Absolute RAM Slots : 4( save spaces : 2 ) Extension Slots: 1 x low-profile PCI, 1x low-profile ( PCI-EX16 ), 2x low-profile ( PCI-EX1 ) Outside I/O ports : : Front: 4 x USB ports ; : Rear: 6 x USB ports ; Serial Port: 1 x Parallel port ; 1 x RJ 45 port ; 1 x VGA Port ; 1 x Audio input/yield; - Sufficient Bays for establishment interior equipment : 1 x discretionary SATA DVD drive ( inner ) or1 x hard circle ( inward ) with 104 Keyboard and OS License Measurements : ( Width x Depth x Height ) 338 x 378 x 100 mm ( 13.3 x 14.9 x 3.95 in ); Weight : 8.5 kg ( 18.75 lb ) ; HK $ 4, 995. 0 q LCD Monitor : LG 17( 4 : 3 ) Brilliance : 300 compact disc/m2 ; Contrast Ratio 8000: 1 ; Resolution : 1280 x 1024 ; Information ports : 15 Pin D sub ; à £Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€š ¬ Measurements : ( Width x Depth ( with screen stand ) x Height ) 370 x 185 x 390 mm ( 14.57 x 7.28 x 15.35 in ) ; Weight :3.4 kg ( 7.5 lb ) ; à £Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€š ¬ HK $ 1, 165.0 q DVD Drive: HP 16X SATA DVD RW Drive HK$ 203 .0 q Mouse:HP Wired Ball PS/2-button mouse with Wheel HK $ 7 .0 HP LaserJet P2055dPrinter, pack with 15ftUSB printer link à £Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€š ¬ Print speed : Up to 33pages every moment ( ppm) Goals : Up to 1200 dabs for each inch ( dpi ) Paper giving : Automatic two-sided printing Plate 1 : 50 sheet multipurpose plate, Tray 2 : 250 sheet input plate Prescribed month to month print volume : 750 to 3000 pages Standard availability: equal port, USB 2.0 port Measurements ( width x profundity x stature ) : 365 x 368 x 268mm ( 14.4 x 14.5 x 10.6in ) ; Weight : 10.7kg ( 23.6lb ) ; HK $ 1, 240.0 à £Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€š ¬ HANSHIN multi touchable intuitive whiteboard Model :TB 01U 105 Diagonal[16 : 9] 2367 x 1387 x 30 HK $ 20,000 ABC Network office organization System establishment HK $ 20, 000 Subtotal measure of venture : Set of PC x 8 System Printer x1 Intuitive whiteboard x 1 System establishment HK $ 50, 960 HK $ 1, 240 HK $ 20, 000 HK $ 20, 000 Aggregate sum of undertaking : HK $ 92 ,200.0 Table 1. 1 show the aggregate sum cost of the entire undertaking . Cost/advantage examination Year 0 Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Equipment Costs $72, 200 $0 $0 $0 Establishment $20, 000 $0 $0 $0 Complete Cost $92, 200 $0 $0 $0 Reserve funds Preparing Development $25, 000 $25, 000 $25,000 $25, 000 Upkeep Cost Free Free Free Free Table 1. 2 Table 1. 2 show that, other than the development spending plan. School is no compelling reason to pay additional store. In the initial three years, there is no compelling reason to pay support expense. Cost-viability investigation is particular from money saving advantage examination, which relegates a financial incentive to the proportion of impact .Cost adequacy investigation is regularly utilized in the field of wellbeing administrations, where it might be wrong to adapt wellbeing impact. Regularly the CEA is communicated as far as a proportion where the denominator is an increase in wellbeing from a measure ( long periods of life, untimely births turned away, sight-years picked up ) and the numerator is the expense related with the wellbeing gain. The most regularly utilized result measure is quality-balanced life years. Cost utility investigation is like cost-adequacy examination . Hazard Assessment Hazard appraisal comprises in a target assessment of hazard in which suspicions and vulnerabilities are unmistakably thought of and introduced. Some portion of the trouble of hazard the executives is that estimation of both of the amounts where chance appraisal is concerned possible misfortune and likelihood of

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Business Proposal Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Strategic agreement - Research Paper Example Computerized book peruser and engineered listening innovation tries to enter the market in the midst of tight financial obstructions and economic situations that requires basic examination of pertinent monetary investigation ideas that incorporate market structure and the versatility of interest. The firm is centered around conveying client centered item that will be viewed as moderate, proficient and dependable. In its offer to turn tables on the current rivalry, it figures its move in regard of the market structure in which it falls. This apparently affects it’s valuing and the general non-estimating serious system in the advanced book perusing and listening industry. Computerized book peruser and engineered listening innovation has generally bigger number of contenders. A portion of the elective firms in this industry incorporate Amazon Inc., and different firms that can change over the printed word into sound. This firm will along these lines fall in a monopolistic market structure where rivalry is fundamentally high. It tries to separate its item by making a valid voice in sound change of the composed content to the client. Despite the fact that there exists items that can likewise change content to voice, they sound brutal and this will give Digital book peruser and engineered listening innovation a chance to make its own plan and totally extraordinary experience to the client (Barclay, 2012). It separated item perspective will give it a high ground in giving a value that depends on minimal expense. The expanding substitutes of comparative items acquire the idea of versatility that this item should consider. For example, there are contending i tems that additionally convert course reading compositions into advanced sound structure, which presents a nearby substitute to Digital book peruser and manufactured listening innovation. This implies it will be working in an exceptionally versatile market where value changes convey noteworthy outcomes regarding its

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How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Headline

How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Headline How confident are you in your LinkedIn headline? Have you crafted it with keywords and viewer engagement in mind? Many LinkedIn users have not considered either SEO or marketing strategies in their headlines, mistakenly believing that their LinkedIn headline must be the same as their current job title. I frequently see job titles like “Project Manager at ABC Company.” In fact, using your current job title with nothing more will do very little to help you get found on LinkedIn. With 120 characters to play with, you can do so much more! LinkedIn headlines with brief titles such as IT Consultant, Sports Executive, or Sales Professional dont distinguish you from every other person with the same job description in a pool of half a billion LinkedIn users. To stand out in your LinkedIn headline, you must use both keywords and an attention-grabbing statement. Otherwise, you wont appear at the top of LinkedIn search results, and you certainly wont capture your readers attention. How to Identify Keywords for a KILLER LinkedIn Headline Not sure how to choose your top keywords? Here are my top 5 tips for building your LinkedIn SEO: 1. Put yourself in the position of the people who are searching for you. Who is searching for you on LinkedIn? Are they potential clients? Recruiters and hiring managers? Future business partners? Think about what and whom they would be looking for on LinkedIn and identify the phrases they would be searching for. These keywords might include job titles, core competencies, geographical regions, technical skills, soft skills, languages and more. Put the top keywords you identify into your headline. 2. Brainstorm. You know your profession better than anyone, so simply brainstorming commonly used words in your field can reap the perfect keywords. 3. Do comparative research. Another great tactic is looking at the profiles of other people with backgrounds or positions similar to yours. What keywords are showing up in their headlines? You might want to “borrow” them. Do not â€" I repeat do NOT â€" copy someone else’s LinkedIn headline (or any part of their profile) verbatim! 4. Wordle it (for job seekers). If you are a job seeker, you can look at job advertisements for your target position and count keywords by hand that are showing up repeatedly. Or, to save some time and energy, use Wordle.net (Java must be installed, and Safari and Internet Explorer work best). Simply put the copy from a few job listings into Wordle.net/create and generate a word map that shows you what words come up most frequently. Use those keywords! Here’s what I got when I put in some financial analyst job descriptions: And here’s one for a CTO: 5. Featured Skills Endorsements LinkedIn has done a lot of work for you in the Skills section. The items that come up in the drop-down menu in that section are keywords most searched for by recruiters. Scan through the skills that autopopulate there to see what keywords LinkedIn suggests for your profession. Once you have identified your top keywords, use them! Before I knew the power of keywords, my LinkedIn headline read: Founder and Senior Editor, The Essay Expert. Note the lack of keywords in that headline. Now it reads: The new headline has a lot more keywords. When I changed my headline, as well as added more keywords to my Current Job Title, Summary, Skills, and other Job Titles, I went from being almost invisible in searches to coming up first in the search rankings on queries for Executive Resume Writer in my geographic area of Madison, WI. Adding keywords will not only help your SEO within LinkedIn, but it will help you on Google too. Heres a sample Google result: Its incontrovertible. You will get value from including keywords in your LinkedIn headline. So if your  LinkedIn headline consists solely of your job title and company name, go change it now! How to Convey Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) Once you’ve identified your keywords, craft a headline for your profile that tells us what makes you unique while including as many of those keywords as possible. Here are some examples: Frank Kanu Management / Business Consultant ¦ Speaker ¦ Author ¦ Leading Fortune 500 and Small Business Executives Teams Dave Stachowiak Host/Founder of Coaching for Leaders, a Top 10 iTunes careers podcast • Senior VP, Dale Carnegie of Southern Los Angeles Ole-Kristian Sivertsen Senior Vice President Maritime | Global Eagle (MTN, EMC, GEE) | Market Leader in Mobility, Content Connectivity See the advantage over headlines like Consultant or Senior VP? More explicit headlines give spark and color to your profile as opposed to just listing your job title; and they contain keywords to help you appear at the top of search results. They can also hint at your personality, the results you produce, and some of your soft skills. NOTE: Including proper keywords does not guarantee your profile will appear at the top of searches. There are other factors that go into search rankingsâ€"most notably your number of connections and your level of profile completeness. But without keywords, your profile is guaranteed to remain at the bottom of the pile. MOBILE NOTE: When connections search for you on their phones, your entire LinkedIn headline is not visible, so use your most important keywords in the first 50 characters. What if Ive never held the position I want to be found for? If you are seeking a position as VP of Finance, and you have never held that position before, consider creative ways of including the keywords VP and Finance. For example: VP-Level Finance Executive or Available for VP of Finance Position at Growing Company. Of course you need to make sure not to misrepresent yourself, so you might need to say Poised for… or something similar. Note that if you have performed the functions to match a job title, you can put the job title in your headline. I say if youve done the job, you can claim the job title! Should I include a tagline? There is evidence that you will have a higher conversion rate if you include a tagline or unique selling proposition (USP) in addition to straight keywords in your headline. Best strategy: Use keywords to increase the frequency with which you are found in searches; include a tagline or USP to generate interest so people click to read more. In conclusion… More keywords in your LinkedIn headline means you will rank higher in searchesâ€"more people will find you. And with an effective tagline, people will be sufficiently intrigued to read more. An increase in page views means more potential business activity or job search activity for you. Keywords are your key to success. This article was adapted from my book, How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile And 18 Mistakes to Avoid. For more on how to add your new headline, what pitfalls to avoid, and secret tips for putting more than 120 characters into your headline, get the book today!

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Qcf 3 Introduction to Personalisation in Health and Social...

Task A Short answer questions (1) Define the term Personalisation The definition of Personalisation means that every person receiving support either provided by the government or funded by him or herself will have choice and control in what they would like their care to be. (2) Describe the relationship between rights/choice and Personalisation The individual get their rights from legislation, human rights, and equalityrights. Under this legislation the individuals have the right to make their own choices i.e. social activities, intellectual activities, spiritualpersonal care, speciality activities, creative activities, physical activities. Personalisation starts with the person and their individual circumstances rather than†¦show more content†¦Those who are eligible can choose to take a direct payment and arrange their own support. With a help of a care manager, family, friends or social worker. The impact this has that the client becomes the employer they can decide what they want and need. (5) Describe how Personalisation affects the power between the individual and those providing support Personalisation affects the power between the individual and those providing support because the client becomes the employer and is more in control of making their own decisions. (6) Explain the terms Person Centred Thinking, Person Centred Planning and Person Centred Approaches and how these support Personalisation Person centred thinking is a set of values, skills and tools by the individuals in the personalisation of services who need support or health care. Person Centred Planning is for the Individuals with learning disabilities, Person Centred Planning also means that the person is at the centre, family and friends are full partners, Person Centred Planning concentrates on what is important now and in their future and specifies the support they require to live there life in the way they wish. The Person Centred Approach is there to help the individuals live as independently as possible to have the right to choose to control the services that they need and to have access to both wider public, community services and employment and education. They are all there to help

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Definition And Conditions Of Stoctor Pty Ltd ( Acn )

Stoctor Terms and Conditions Welcome to www.Stoctor.com (Stoctor), the domain where Merchants can quickly, easily and affordably post promotions that may be taken advantage of by Shoppers in real-time. Stoctor is presented to you by Stoctor Pty Ltd (ACN: , based in Melbourne, Australia (refering to ourselves in this document as, â€Å"we† or â€Å"us† or â€Å"our† in this document). Two types of user accounts can be created on Stoctor, â€Å"Shoppers† and â€Å"Merchants† and along with users who are not logged, â€Å"Browsers†, make up what this document refers to as â€Å"users†. These terms and conditions address all the types of users of Stoctor. By accessing Stoctor, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions (the ‘Agreement’). This agreement is made between you and us. Definitions: â€Å"Generate† in reference to â€Å"locking-in a discount† â€Å"Shoppers† – Users who have an account that allows them to â€Å"Generate† coupons Using Stoctor – Don’t do’s While using Stoctor’s services, you will not: †¢ violate any laws, including laws regarding the advertising of alcohol; †¢ violate the Posting Policy; †¢ post any defamatory, abusive, obscene, threatening or indecent material; †¢ post false or misleading material; †¢ infringe on the rights of third parties; †¢ distribute or spread spam, â€Å"pyramid schemes† or chain letters; †¢ harm Stoctor or the interests or property of our users by distributing viruses or any other malicious technologies; †¢ hack, overload our infrastructure or interfere with the normal working of

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Description of Grace Free Essays

string(291) " observed that this grace is a prove of God’s love for man when he said to the people of Lystra â€Å"Nevertheless he \(God\) left not Himself without witness, in that he did good, and gave us rain from heaven, and fruitful seasons, filing our heart with food and gladness† \(Acts 14:17\)\." A DESCRIPTION OF GRACE By Emmanuel O. Obiorah Jos, Plateau State 27th March, 2013 GRACE INTRODUCTION The word ‘Grace’ is not a new word to most religious circles. Among Christians, such adjectives like amazing, extravagant, divine and awesome have been used to qualify the word grace with each depicting its importance to the Christian faith. We will write a custom essay sample on Description of Grace or any similar topic only for you Order Now Our concern in this work is to describe and analyze this word- Grace for a better, richer and more fulfilling understanding of its meaning. We hope that this would be of immense blessing as we consider this word which made us what we are today- Christians. Definition of the word In the Old Testament, the Hebrew word for Grace is Chen ( ). Strong’s Concordance defined this word as â€Å"favor, grace or charm†¦the moral quality of kindness, displaying a favorable disposition†. Chen was translated as â€Å"grace† thirty –eight times in the King James translation. It was also translated â€Å"favour† twenty-six times, twice as â€Å"gracious†, once as â€Å"pleasant†, and once as â€Å"precious†. The Greek word charis ( ) was used for Grace in the New Testament. Strong’s Concordance defined charis as; â€Å"the state of kindness and favor towards someone, often with a focus on a benefit given to the object. Another Greek word that is related to charis is charisma (khar’-is-mah- gracious gift) both of which originated from the Greek word chairo (to rejoice, be glad, delighted) (Olowe 2011a). According to Olowe (2011b), Grace can be simply defined as an unmerited gift of God to assist and to equip man. This means that Grace comes in form of assistance, potential or resource. It is â€Å"a favour with which one receives without any merit of his own, the gift of divine grace, the gift of faith, knowledge, holiness, virtue†. The economy of divine grace is that through it â€Å"the pardon of sin and eternal salvation is appointed to sinners in consideration of the merits of Christ laid hold on by faith†. Grace or gifts (as it is sometimes referred to) also denotes extraordinary powers that distinguish certain Christians by enabling them to serve the church of Christ. Grace motivates Christians to exercise all the Christian virtues â€Å"the reception of which is due to the power of divine grace operating on their souls by the Holy Spirit† (Olowe 2011b). The Catholics on the other hand defined Grace (gratia, Charis) generally as â€Å"supernatural gift of God to intellectual creatures (men, angels) for their eternal salvation, whether the latter be furthered and attained through salutary acts or a state of holiness† (Knight 2012). Having considered the various definitions, this writer believes that Grace is a divine enablement or favourable disposition towards an undeserving person to do or become what such a person would not have been or done without such enablement. Genre of the word: Grace Grace is a theological term which is present in and among many religious groups other than Christianity. However, there are significant differences between the ways these other religions use the word grace. Even within Christianity, there are differing conceptions of grace. Infact the differences in the view of Grace including the so-called controversies of grace which space may not allow us to discuss in this work made Bill Gothard describe grace as â€Å"the watershed that divides Catholicism from Protestantism, Calvinism from Arminianism, and modern liberalism from conservatism†(Olowe 2011a). One of the differences in the views of the concept of Grace is that while the Protestants believe that special grace can only be received through the Spirit of God, the Catholic doctrine teaches that God uses the sacraments to facilitate the reception of this grace (Knight 2012). Protestants on the other hand generally held the view that even without the sacraments; divine grace has been imparted by God to humanity. Theological discussion of the word- Grace Gift and Grace are sometimes used interchangeably because Grace manifests as a gift from God. God’s grace is upon all humanity. Even though salvation is the greatest gift God has given to all mankind, it is not the only gift man receives from God. Olowe (2011b) pointed out that the Grace of God is unlimited and are in five forms. These are: Material Universal Grace (Gifts of Matter and Time), Spiritual Universal Grace (Gifts of the Soul and the human Spirit), Spiritual Special Grace (Gifts of Supernatural (divine) Spirits), Divine Universal Grace (Gifts of Favor and Restraint) and Divine Special Grace (Gift of Salvation). Two forms of this grace come from special grace and three from universal grace (Olowe 2011b). Universal Grace is to be seen as the grace that God bestows on all mankind whether believers or unbelievers as resources to implement good works. On the other hand the atonement of sins by the blood of Jesus is the source of the Special Grace of God. The above five forms of grace are classified under three categories: – Divine Grace, Material Grace and Spiritual Grace. Divine grace Divine Grace whether universal or special generally involves God’s direct intervention in human lives. Divine universal grace and divine special grace are not resources for implementing good works. Their general purpose is to provide assistance to man in reaching God and in faithfully implementing stewardship. Divine grace gives meaning and purpose to life. The major difference between divine universal grace and divine special grace is their manifestations. Divine special grace (gift of salvation) manifests in the salvation of the sinner and it is a long term grace that can last for ever if no apostasy occurs whereas divine universal grace manifests in making possible the other forms of grace and it can be an instantaneous or a short term grace. Material grace Material Grace is the only category of grace that is totally universal and not special in nature. Material Grace is for both believers and unbelievers and is gifts of matter and time. This gift include the universe, the earth, and all other resources including, the air, the sea, animals, minerals, plants, sun, moon, rain, snow, and so on. These things are available to both believers and unbelievers and were graciously given to all men by God. Paul observed that this grace is a prove of God’s love for man when he said to the people of Lystra â€Å"Nevertheless he (God) left not Himself without witness, in that he did good, and gave us rain from heaven, and fruitful seasons, filing our heart with food and gladness† (Acts 14:17). You read "Description of Grace" in category "Papers" This was in agreement to the words of Jesus that God â€Å"maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and the unjust† (Matthew 5:445). This grace is for all. The essence of this grace is for man to use these gifts to get provisions and to implement good works. Spiritual grace Spiritual Grace whether universal or special is the only resourceful grace that resides in man. Spiritual grace determines the ability of each man. No two persons may have exactly the same spiritual gifts as the scripture puts it â€Å"but all these worketh that one and the selfsame Spirit, dividing to every man severally as he wills† (1 Cor. 12:11) . It is a gift that enables man to relate to God and this gift is received by believers only (special). Spiritual universal grace on the other hand is the gift of the soul that enable man to relate to his fellow man and to his environment and also of the human spirit. It is that inner longing in man to relate to God or to other spirit beings (gods) (Olowe 2012). The Grace of God expresses itself as a combination of many attributes of God, especially mercy, goodness, compassion, and love. In many verses in the Bible, these attributes are interrelated and a combination of two or more stresses the Grace of God (Eph 2: 4-5; Ps 145:8; Exo 33:19). Unlike the above view, the Catholics distinguished between only two forms of grace which are the â€Å"transient help to act† (actual grace) and the â€Å"permanent state of grace† (sanctifying or justifying grace). The former (actual grace) has a fourfold meaning. In a subjective sense, it signifies good will or benevolence and in its objective sense it refers to every favour proceeding from this benevolence (good will) and thus every gratuitous gift. The latter (sanctifying grace) â€Å"is the gratuitous gift of his life that God makes to us; it is infused by the Holy Spirit into the soul to heal it of sin and to sanctify it† (Grace and justification 2012). Charles Wesley calls this sanctifying grace the â€Å"sustaining grace† that leads believers towards perfection (sanctifying grace 2012). A closer look into the Catholic concept of actual grace would reveal the literary value of the word grace. Actual grace describes grace further as â€Å"seemingly effortless beauty or charm of movement, form, or proportion† or â€Å"a characteristic or quality pleasing for its charm or refinement†. This grace is also seen as â€Å"a sense of fitness or propriety† or â€Å"a temporary immunity or exemption; a reprieve having the notion of mercy; clemency† (Grace 2012). It is believed to be that admiration or charm as hen the bible said that â€Å"Let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us† (Psalms 90:17). This is because beauty or charm attracts benevolent love and prompts the bestowal of benefactions (blessings). This goes to explain why grace is also used in literary or secular circles for either clemency in the court and manner of behavior or poise. This grace also means the expression of gratitude from a person who has received blessing or fav our by giving of thanks. This is where blessing of meals comes to play. The word gratiae (plural of gratia) also stands for thanksgiving. Kevin Knight (2012) connected this beautifully when he said that: Universality of grace does not conflict with its gratuity, if God, in virtue of his will to save all men, distributes with sovereign liberty his graces to all adults without exception†¦ if the universality of grace is only a result of the Divine will to save all mankind, we must first turn our attention to the latter as the basis of the former. This goes to say that the universal grace that God gave to all human is to the effect that they be drawn closer to God by the salvation of their soul on the merit of Christ’s blood. Thus according to Knight, universal grace (actual grace) is the basis or foundation for special grace (sanctifying grace). One question that most theologians often ask about the matter of grace is the question of man’s free will. The bible said that â€Å"it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure† (Phil. 2:13). The question therefore is if man needs grace to act or decide then where is his free-will to make choices on his own? Knight (2012) responded to this by observing that there is â€Å"a grace which precedes the free determination of the will and another which follows this determination and co-operates with the will†. He is of the opinion that grace does not destroy man’s free will but co-operates with it. This grace helps the believer to make decisions that would glorify God and for the unbeliever, gives him an option to choose the right. The ultimate will of God for this grace is â€Å"not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance† (2 Peter 3:9) and to remain in the faith. Knight puts it well when he opined that this grace is a way of God protecting the believer â€Å"against fall into sin and with the final experience of a happy death† (Knight 2012). Scripture text and its interpretation. Most times the particular meaning of Grace could be understood from the context in the passage in which the word is found. For instance, in Romans 5:1-2 â€Å"Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ: By whom also we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand†¦ Grace in this context is something that is God-given and is made possible only through Jesus Christ. This is God’s gift of salvation granted to sinners for their salvation. This is the divine grace or as in the Catholic parlance the justifying grace. It is that unmerited mercy (favor) that God gave by sending his son to die on a cross and thus delivering eternal salvation to humanity. Another example is to be found in Luke 2:40 â₠¬Å"And the child grew, and waxed strong in spirit, filled with wisdom: and the grace of God was upon him. In this example when using the definition of grace to mean unmerited favour it does not make sense. The reason is that the sinless Christ would not need the unmerited or undeserved favour of salvation. Thus grace in this context literally means â€Å"favour or attractiveness†. It could also mean divine enablement which does not necessarily bring one to salvation but as Olowe (2012b) puts it this grace is the â€Å"resources to implement good works† Also in Galatians 5:4 which reads â€Å"Christ is become of no effect unto you, whosoever of you are justified by the law; ye are fallen from grace. It would not make any sense to interpret grace in that context as â€Å"unmerited favour† for how can one fall short of grace through pride or attract grace through meekness (James 4:6; Galatians 5:4) if it is unmerited? Grace in this context is â€Å"†¦the emp owering Presence of God enabling you to be who He created you to be, and the power that God gives us to do his will†(Olowe 2011a). This suggests that the empowering is subject to being connected to the source (God). This then holds that sin could make one fall away from such empowerment. Any form of disobedience is rebelling against the will of God and thus a fall from grace (divine empowering). CONCLUSION John Newton’s â€Å"Amazing Grace† remains the greatest hymn of all times. This song was written by a man who described himself as â€Å"once an infidel and Libertine, a servant of slavers in Africa†. He testified that it was by the rich mercy of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that he was preserved, restored, pardoned, and appointed to preach the faith he once long labored to destroy. This story of God’s amazing grace shows the power of God in transforming lives. It is the story of hope for all men, sinners and saints alike. Hope that the sinner can still return to God and be accepted by Him. Hope that the saint need not depend on his strength for victory over sin. Hope that we could be co-opted into the service of God and function effectively because grace is available. The challenge before the church therefore is not just to sing about this grace, but to be so motivated by its power that we would carry this message of God’s grace to the unsaved neighbours and friends around us. May this be our passion and mission! REFERENCE Abi Olowe (2011). Grace of God. Houston: Omega Publishers. http://www. graceti. com/books. asp? bkid=7. Abi Olowe (2011). The Five Forms of Grace. Houston: Omega Publishers. http://www. graceti. com/books. asp? bkid=1 www. scborromeo. org/ccc/p3s1c3a2. htm†¦. â€Å"Grace and justification†- St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church. www. olrl. org/Lessons/Lessons8. shtml†¦ Lesson 8 â€Å"sanctifying grace†. www. gbgm-umc. org/umw/Wesley/walk. stm. ‘Grace’ Easton Bible Dictionary version 2. 0. 0 Vintech Systems (accessed 03 October, 2012) http://www. illumina. com/encyclopedia/hymns/amazing_Grace How to cite Description of Grace, Papers

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